Articulate Your Value with The Gap Portal

Articulate Your Value with The Gap Portal

Join me on a training sprint through the key concepts that will enable you to deliver greater value to your clients

This insightful podcast includes an on screen walk-thru, as The Gap portal co founder Mark Jenkins and I (admirably moderated by Sue Spooner) look at the subject of how to Articulate Your Value to clients. This training sprint will take you through a number of the key ‘bridges’ of the program and where to find those ‘gold-dust’ pages and features that will change the way you connect with your clients.

We shows, in clear detail, where you will find the templates, documents, videos and mindsets that will enable you to demonstrate the Three Freedoms, Pillars of Value, Ways to Grow and other vital background that takes you beyond the spreadsheet and into the realms of empathy, understanding and contribution. From Growth Equations to the Achievement Matrix, discover the insights that will take your client relationships to the next level.

What is in this episode?
Over the course of this podcast, some of the topics Jenkins, Spooner and Telford discuss include

  • The What, How, Why metric
  • The FGG principle to maximise opportunity
  • The Three Freedoms and describing what you do as an outcome (not an output)
  • The OPPS Mindset
  • Creating a valuable Complimentary Customer Review meeting
  • The Achiever Matrix and the four quadrants of urgency, quality, deception and waste
  • The 10 Hat Organisation Structure from Shareholders to HR

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