Accountant’s Talk – Secrets Of Success’ podcast.

Accountant’s Talk – Secrets Of Success’ podcast.


In this episode, we’re joined by Mark Telford from Telford’s Accountants here in the UK.

Now Mark has done an amazing job of building his accountancy practice around his personal life. Every day he drives his kids to school, and he picks them up. In 2018, Mark also won the Xero Most Valued Advisor of the year award, and he has some pretty interesting plans for his practice that don’t involve bringing more clients in, but rather doing more with the clients he has.

In this episode Mark has some great insights to share around work life balance, having clarity on where you’re going and how he outsources 90% of his accounts production work.

So grab yourself a pen and paper and let’s get into episode 4 with Mark Telford…

You can listen to the episode on Spreaker here