Mastermind Groups

How do the Mastermind Groups work?

Each Mastermind Group will run for a minimum of 12 months as we will really need that time for you to get to know the other group members, develop a level of trust, understanding and confidence which will help you achieve real tangible, positive results from being part of the Group.

1. There will be quarterly full-day group meetings.
2. You will complete and submit pre-work prior to these meetings identifying subjects you want to discuss.
3. The day itself will consist of:
i) An introduction from me to the group explaining why we’re there, what we want to achieve and then in the first meeting of each new group members will introduce themselves.
ii) An insight session. Here I’ll present in detail a topical subject which may relate the profession at large, something more personal to me which will have relevance or a subject which one of the members would like covered and has relevance to all members.
iii) Member topics for discussion. Here we will go through each member’s discussion topics from the meeting prework. The aim here is to offer insight, advice and support in a group format which will help members move forward.
iv) Lunch
v) Member topics for discussion (continued)
vi) Insight – a discussion chaired by me on a topical issue. This will either be prepared prior to the meeting or will be from the topics we have discussed during the day.
vii) Open forum
viii) 90 actions – each of us agrees to three actions over the next 90 days which will help us achieve our goals. These need to be SMART and there will be accountability!
ix) Meeting close

4. There will be follow up personal 1-2-1 calls to check in 4-6 weeks after the group meeting to check-in and see that you’re on track with your actions.
5. Then we’re on to the next meeting.

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