Our group mastermind programme is designed to help you build the practice you really want.

The focus is on identifying your personal and business goals and setting actions to achieve these.

Specific focus is on improving your business in five key areas:

1. Systems and processes.
2. The services you provide to clients.
3. How you price your services.
4. The type of clients you work with.
5. The team you have around you.

By getting these fundamentals right we can help make big improvements in your business.

"It's only in intimate Mastermind groups where you connect with people and you build a level of trust. What that really gives you is that camaraderie between a group of people that can affect change together."

Gwilym Davies – Co-Founder of Diagnostax

The programmes run for a minimum of 12 months. This is the length of time we need to really understand you, your business and to get the results you want to achieve.

There are four full-day group sessions, one each quarter, running from 10 am to 4 pm. Groups meet in London at the Eight Club Moorgate but we are also starting groups in other cities around the UK.

Group numbers are limited to a maximum of eight members. This enables members to build strong relationships and support each other through the programme.

"The best thing is the ability to share with your peers"

Mike Almandras – Empowered Finance

Throughout the programme, we encourage you to share your successes and learnings with the group.

Each group session includes a roadblock solving forum where others in the group act as your advisers, along with Mark, to solve any specific issues you are experiencing.

This is no warm and fluffy coaching forum – there is always tight accountability (and consequences for inaction!!).

Because we want you to get the results you aspire to.

This is our guarantee to you – Implement the concepts and ideas you commit to during the Mastermind sessions and you will achieve at least a 5 times the return on your investment in joining. If not, we will give you your money back!
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Your questions answered

1Why are you running Mastermind Groups for accountants?

I first started a group for accountants in 2013. It was relaxed and informal but it was a great environment to discuss work, these meetings still continue, the same people still attend the meetings – no one has decided to leave.

I have got a huge amount of value from these meetings. It was in these meetings that I received the advice, encouragement and support to make a number of changes in my practice. The list is very long – too long for here but includes:

  • To start using outsourcing.
  • To streamline systems and processes.
  • To record my time (I did this for 18 months) as a means of measuring my efficiency and the accuracy of our fixed pricing.
  • To try ReceiptBank (back in the day when you had to stick receipts in a bag and post them for conversion).
  • Realising that constant growth isn’t for everyone.
From having conversations with many other accountants at Accountex, Xerocon, Xero Roadshows and On-line I realised there was huge value to be had from taking what I had gained from my group lunches and to combine this with what I learned from working with a coach (I’ve worked with 3 over the last 3 years and still have one now). Which brings us to where we are now. So, I’m running these groups because I want others to benefit in the same way that I have from having a structure in place where you share ideas and experiences with like minded accountants. Air your issues and problems which have restricted your personal and business development – and find a way to overcome these.
2Why should I join a Mastermind Group
If you are running your own accountancy business and you aren’t achieving the results you want and think you would benefit from working as part of a group who share, collaborate and learn from each other. Then a Mastermind Group is a great environment for you.. Groups are a great format in which to identify solutions to overcoming problems which have been holding you back. Getting feedback from others who have been there and done that, is invaluable.
3Where will the Mastermind Groups meet?
The first Mastermind Groups will meet at Eight Club in Moorgate We will be starting other Mastermind Groups across the whole of the UK. Currently we intend to start Mastermind Groups in: - Manchester - Newcastle - Edinburgh - Bristol or Cardiff If you’re interesting in joining a group in one of these locations, please get in touch [LINK to contact us page] and we can provide you with more details of when we expect a group to be starting. Or if you’d be interested in joining a group in different location please get in touch [LINK to contact us page] and let us know where.
4When do the Mastermind Groups start?
The first Mastermind Group starts in September 2019. We will be starting other groups in a number of different locations. Currently we intend to start Mastermind Groups in: - Manchester - Newcastle - Edinburgh - Bristol or Cardiff
5How long do Mastermind Groups run for?
Membership of a Mastermind Group is for a minimum of 12 months. It takes this amount of time for members to work effectively in the group environment and to start to see real results which will transform their practices.
6When can I join a Mastermind Group?
Usually members join in advance of a new group starting. The new groups will be publicised to people who have been to one of our events, are subscribers to our newsletters or are connected to me on LinkedIn.
7How often do Mastermind Groups meet?
Each group meets 4 times a year, every three months.
8What happens between the Mastermind Group meetings?
Between each meeting Group members will work through their actions. There is a 1-2-1 momentum call with Mark around 4-6 weeks after each meeting. If members do continue to struggle there is further support available from Mark.
9What can I expect to achieve being a member of a Mastermind Group?
This very much depends on you but fundamentally it’s to help you make significant improvements in your business. To help you to run the practice you want, the way you want. Ultimately to allow you to have the lifestyle you want – spending time doing the things you love with the people you care about and not worrying about money.
10Is a Mastermind Group right for me?
If you want to improve your business, develop personally and be held accountable to delivering on what you say you will do and want to do this in a group environment, then yes a Mastermind Group could be right for you.
11Do you offer a money back guarantee?
Absolutely – this is very important to me. If you join a Group and implement the concepts and ideas you commit to and don’t get at least a 5 times return on your investment, then you’ll get your money back. Simple as that.
12How often do you hold free events?
We will be holding free events regularly through the year. At the moment I expect there will be at least 6 free events a year. These will have been 6 and 15 people attending, depending on the location and venue. The events are by invitation only. The events are for like minded accountants who want to share, learn and collaborate.
13Where do you hold the free events?
The free events will be held across the UK. We’re not just restricting these to London. At the moment we plan to hold events in Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh and either Bristol or Cardiff. If you would be interested in attending an event at a different location, let us know and if there’s sufficient interest we’ll hold an event there.
14What happens at the free events?
There’s two real purposes to the free Mastermind events: 1. To tell accountants what a Mastermind Group is, how it works and what you can expect to achieve from being a member. 2. To be a free networking event – to create an environment where accountants can talk to other accountants. Share information and work experiences. To learn from others. Collaboration is key – we aren’t competing with each other, there is more than enough work to go around. We’re all working to achieve something similar for ourselves and our clients. If we can improve collectively by working together – how powerful is that!?

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