Our group mastermind programme is designed to help you build the practice you really want.

The focus will be on identifying your personal and business goals and setting actions to achieve these.

Specific focus will be on improving your business in five key areas:

1. Systems and processes.
2. The services you provide to clients.
3. How you price your services.
4. The type of clients you work with.
5. The team you have around you.

By getting these fundamentals right we can help make big improvements in your business.

"It's only in intimate Mastermind groups where you connect with people and you build a level of trust. What that really gives you is that camaraderie between a group of people that can affect change together."

Gwilym Davies – Co-Founder of Diagnostax

The programme will run for a minimum of 12 months. This is the length of time we need to really understand you, your business and to get the results you want to achieve.

There will be 4 full day Group sessions, one each quarter, running from 10 am to 4 pm. Initially, Group’s will meet in London at the Eight Club Moorgate but we will be starting Groups in other cities around the UK.

Group numbers will be limited to a maximum of eight members.

These will be Groups where members will grow strong relationships and support each other through the programme.

"The best thing is the ability to share with your peers"

Mike Almandras – Empowered Finance

Throughout the programme, we will encourage you to share your successes and learnings with the Group.

Each Group session will have a roadblock solving forum where others in the Group will act as your advisers along with Mark to solve your specific issues.

This is no warm and fluffy coaching forum – there will be tight accountability (and consequences for inaction!!).

We want you to get the results you want.

Our guarantee to you – if you implement the concepts and ideas you commit to and don’t get at least a 5 times the return on your investment we will give you your money back!
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